1 Year and 4 Months Later

1 Year and 4 Months Later

It’s crazy to me the social construct that is time. Looking back on the past year 16 months I feel like our concept for MyHydrationPack is just now starting to take root and everything that has already happened is just our learning curve. But being in the present moment, it sounds so ignorant to say because at the same time we haven’t even gotten started. Which I have to admit is both exciting and terrifying. Terrifying because there is still so much to do. Exciting because all this room for uncertainty leaves so much room for opportunity.

One thing I was sure about, was my inability to sew. Yep. if you ask me how I spent my Summer 2017 I would tell you a large chunk of time was dedicated to a hot office space of our townhouse where I learned to cut on a straight line. Tommy would say “It’s important to understand the process . . . how can we explain the process . . . this is the process...process ...process...process.” Gosh, like a bad horror movie over and over again. He would also say that I liked arts and crafts anyway so just try (as if he wasn’t annoying me enough). I can’t recall the number of needles I broke, or how many times I re-cut the same pattern or the number of times I looked into YouTube trying to figure out how to put in a zipper. And I’m sure the machine we borrowed from Tommy’s grandmother was possessed because I fed that bobbin over a million times! Eventually, and I mean eventually, we had put together our first made prototype. I never wanted to hear him say the word ‘process’ again.

Shortly after Tommy took to social media and posted a few pictures of our arts and crafts project. He was really excited to see what people thought of our idea. I was really excited to be done with arts and crafts (or so I thought). The positive amount of responses was overwhelming. Looking back, I’m still very grateful for Tommy’s can do it attitude and the number of positive responses was what I needed to follow through with this hydration pack idea.

Tommy began looking for manufacturers and reaching out to artists whose music inspired us in constructing our prototype. After that is was just about being patient and seeing what was going to happen next, if anything was going to happen next. 

Without giving too much away, we received enough reassurance to move forward.
And although we are continuing down our learning cure, we've managed to keep progressing forward in making MyHydrationPack everything it can be and we are so excited for our #RaveFam to take this journey with us. 

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