About Us


Hi, we're Noelle and Tommy, 

We're two music lovers from Detroit, Michigan, and the creators of MyHydrationPack. Hydration packs re nothing new to the festival going community. Yes! We need to stay hydrated. Water, good, we get it! While this is nothing new and there are other hydration packs out there, we wanted to do things differently. 

Firstly, let's just touch back on the idea of hydration. We lose about over 2 liters of water in a day just through our normal activities. Multiply that by the long hours at a music festival, raging, walking 10 miles, and slapping all those wine bags. We all know how thirsty we get.  Replenishing your body from all those activities takes about 45 minutes for your best self to come back you! Stay safe, stay hydrated, #NeverBeThirstyAF. 

Our goal at MyHydrationPack is to create branded hydration packs for and by the fans that support various artists, communities, events, etc. In creating each pack, we want to hear specifically from you our #RaveFam and want your input on what pack to create next. 

In partnering with brands we are able to bring you your favorite branded hydration packs. Through all of our partnership, we continue to strive for our message of community, that is why a portion of each sale is donated to a charity of the brands choosing. 

In each pack, we create we want it to be a representation of the greater community. In each partnership, we seek to create a pack that is not only loved by its fans but is able to deliver a greater message. We want to create packs wanted by fans, branded by artists they love while giving back to a charity of their choosing, a greater cause. Fans that support brands who support humanity.